Official announcement

Dear fans and friends, with this official communication from the Dropshard Crew, we want to update you on events that are goin’ on these days and that have probably already reached your ears. Alex Stucchi, bassist and co-founder of the band, will not continue the journey so far carried out with Dropshard. Decisions must be taken and after several confrontations between members, it was noted that a separation is currently the most beneficial thing for everyone in the band. We want to let you know that the gigs we planned will be completed, so, we look forward to see you to support the band in upcoming events, that you will find updated in the home page. Meanwhile Dropshard will look for a replacement. We also want to thank Alex for the contribution of passion and commitment he always gave to bring Dropshard’s music on many stages, until coming to England. Just keep on proggin’! Sara Pirovano – band manager

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