Il Tempio delle Clessidre + Dropshard


Where: New Bulldog Pub, Via Angelo Pelissa, Serra Riccò, GE, Italy

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I Dropshard per la prima volta in Liguria, da spalla al leggendario TEMPIO DELLE CLESSIDRE!


1. Freedom Supermarket

2. Anywhere But Home

    a. Look Ahead

    b. Anywhere But Home

    c. Images Of Mind

    d. A Cold Morning

    e. Again

    f. Changing Colours

    g. A New Beginning

    h. Look Behind

3. E’ Festa

4. Portrait

Enrico Scanu: lead vocals, flute, percussions, electric and acoustic guitars
Sebastiano Benatti: electric guitar, backing vocals
Marco Zago: keyboards
Alex Stucchi: bass guitar, backing vocals
Tommaso Mangione: drums

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