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Images Of Mind

Anywhere But Home

There I
see the world on
old dreams and also
the distortions
of memories.I can not believe,
I realize that’s not me
he has the same face
as the mirror in front of me.

lights this room now
while days fly away by,
tears and oceans
that are leaving me.
Mother, tries to explain me
why dad’s gone away, while
I was still nothing,
learning to live.

Teach me something
I can’t listen
voices calling
words can’t clean this pain.

Is this your soul?
Well, I don’t know,
but I don’t want you!

Climb mountains
I don’t want to see them on my mind
Swim oceans
just to purify myself away
Catch fire
burning all the images of mind
Breathe the sky
I can’t live without your light at all

Climb mountains
I remember times we were all there
Swim oceans
only with your love that burns in me
Catch fire
waiting your return, it never happened
Breathe the sky
well, only now I can understand all

Shine on Heaven!

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