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I feel something that the others don’t even see
every day I can touch the smiles and wails of a hard childhood

In front of my eyes I look back on my whole life
my whole normal, stupid life
and I learn that there is someone who
doesn’t ask for more, doesn’t ask for more

And I would like to take their hands and to dry their tears
but it’s not so easy we can’t change their past
and their disillusions

While sometimes we must try to listen, try to listen
and don’t stop in front of what appears
why don’t you look at their faces
that are screaming all their rage

[choir] Their eyes hide weakness.

You only wanted to be a child
and fill all your days with smiles
mothers, fathers and their troubles
dumped on their daughters and sons

Tens, hundreds of eyes
that couldn’t understand why
you only wanted to be a child
you only wanted to be

[choir] Their eyes hide weakness.

Maya wants to be a child
and fills her days with hugs and smiles
leaves her mother and her father
looking for a new, virgin dawn

Tens and hundreds of eyes
that can not understand why
she only wants to be a child
she only wants to be

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