Dropshard, formed in 2007, have reached over the years the attention of the international public devoted to Progressive Rock.

The sound of Dropshard roots in the ’70s progressive rock and in the contemporary alternative scene, creating an interesting and innovative contact point between these different genres.

Dropshard have released three studio albums:

Anywhere But Home (Sonic Vista Music, 2011). The style of the band finds its first expression in eight movements suite and in the bonus track Freedom Supermarket. The debut record is well acclaimed by the reviewers and listeners, leading the band to move on and continue their music production.

Silk (Aurovine, 2014) is where Dropshard achieve artistic maturity, hailed by international critic and by the public. It is a 65 minutes long album, 12 heterogeneous tracks by music style and atmosphere. The first single “Eyes”

Paper Man (Bitterpill Music, 2017) is the last release, a 30 minutes long EP including 5 tracks.

Dropshard is:

Dropshard Band Photo 1
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